Young Adult Fiction Book Review

Looking for a great book that will teach your young adult or teen about the Navajo Culture and the history of the American Indians as the rest of us came to settle upon this land? Well, boy have I got a great book idea for you:

“Laughing Boy” by Oliver La Farge; Signet Classic Series for Young Adults. New American Library; New York, NY. First written in 1929, renewed and re-printed in 1958, and was still in print in 1971.

After reading this book, it is no wonder that this work has sold copies for nearly 31 years. In fact, the story is so wonderful, that and the history behind this fictional work so great, that I’d have to recommend it to every teen and young adult there is. Perhaps, every student and junior high school teacher ought to consider using it in their teaching?Click here to¬†Get More Info.

This is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel and it has proven itself over the test of time. Imagine the inter-cultural relationships of the Navajo and white man. There are many families that have shared genes amongst us, so drift into the past and wonder what that would have been like. Love conquers all as they say, and perhaps Oliver La Farge said it best in this book.

Before you give this to your kids to read, maybe you should read it too, and then consider the positive message it sends, and thus, how it will help your offspring see the world in a different light, ditching the racism, that really has no place in our modern society. In the meantime they will learn of that period in this historical fiction work. It’s a great read, and although perfect for young adults, it’s not half bad for the rest of us either. Think on that.